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"Education for a Better World"

Promoting the use of knowledge and computer technology to improve the human condition



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The Global Challenges Scholarship Program

"Supporting Today's Young Leaders"

We believe that people who actually suffer from problems like poverty, human rights violations, and racism often possess the experiential backgrounds and motivation best suited to find their solutions. We also believe that knowledge gained by formal education should be used to address these problems. However, many disadvantaged people in developing countries who want to find solutions rarely will receive adequate formal education, practical experience, guidance to meet these challenges. The NYEF is therefore committed to help motivated but disadvantaged young leaders with permanent scholarships through the Global Challenges Scholarship Program (GCSP).

To be considered for a scholarship by the GCSP, a candidate must not only possess academic abilities, but he/she must demonstrate commitment to help resolve global challenges and participate in a community service program or internship with an appropriate non-profit, non-governmental organization during their academic career. Scholarship funds are used for tuition, room and board (if necessary), books, supplies, transportation, extra-curricular activities, and expenses incurred while working on a community service project.

Telma & Yolanda Scholarship Winers

Telma Alonzo (left) and Yolanda Cupil during a visit by NYEF in 2006 to the offices of IDEI in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Both of these young female leaders volunteer their time to representing Guatemalan Mayan youth in national and international meetings and conferences.



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