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The Nagata-Yamauchi Education Fund (NYEF) is a U.S. non-profit organization, formally created in August 2001 in honor of two Japanese-American parents, Kimii Nagata (Yamauchi) and Thomas Yamauchi. Its mission is to promote the use of knowledge and computer technology to improve the human condition at the community, national and international levels. The Fund accomplishes this mission through its two programs. The Global Challenges Scholarship Program, grants scholarships to disadvantaged children and young leaders, and reinforces their education with practical experiences, seminars and workshops that encourage thinking and action for the public good. The First Byte Program grants computer technology to individuals, non-profit organizations, and communities to support their efforts to address today's global challenges.
NYEF programs address international problems related to one or more of the following five categories of global challenges:

1. Conflict Resolution and Peace Maintenance
2. Social, Economic and Cultural Development
3. Environmental Destruction and Natural Resource Depletion
4. Health Protection and Disease Control Erradication
5. Human Rights, Justice and Democratization

Our vision is global and we will support people in any developing country who struggle to improve the human condition and guard the natural environment. This international focus is based on the premise that our security and well-being in the U.S. depends to a large extent on whether or not people elsewhere can improve their lives. By helping them with knowledge and technology to achieve this, we work towards avoiding conflicts and human misery overseas that can eventually affect our country.

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