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For more information, please contact us:

The Nagata-Yamauchi Educational Fund
5017 Morse Avenue
Skokie, Illinois 60077 USA

Fax/Telephone: (847)329-9847



"Education for a Better World"

Promoting the use of knowledge and computer technology to improve the human condition


Be a Friend of the NYEF

"Work with Us to Create a Better World,
Help People Make the World a Better Place! "

People who struggle to achieve positive changes in our world need your help! Every US dollar donated to NYEF endowment funds goes a long way to support their efforts to improve the human condition. Why so? First of all, dollars possess very strong buying power in most developing countries where goods and services often cost a fraction of what they cost in the U.S. Second, endowment earnings are spent only on NYEF Programs. We do not spend any earnings on salaries or on overhead costs because our staff members donate all their time and cover all organizational overhead costs with their own money. You will get the “biggest bang for your buck” with any donation you give! Furthermore, the NYEF is a 501(c)(3) organization, which means that gifts are tax-deductible! All NYEF Friends will receive updates on Program activities and recognition in this web site.

The First Byte Program Endowment Fund:
“Empowering People with Technology”

The NYEF is building its endowment fund to support First Byte Program activities, mainly to perpetually fund the distribution and maintenance of the computers we donate, and support computer education programs in our community computer centers. We need your help to build this permanent fund, so we can empower people who are struggling to address global challenges and to improve the human condition. Any amount donated to this fund will be greatly appreciated and recognized.

Friends who contribute a gift of $5000 to $9999 will establish a mini-scholarship fund for computer education that can be honored with a name of their choice. A $10,000 to $19,999 gift will allow a Friend to name a computer center activity or classroom in honor of a name they choose. A gift ranging from $20,000 to $29,999 will endow a permanent computer “professorship” in honor of any name chosen by the Friend. Friends who donate $30,000 or more are invited to name a First Byte computer center. The different ways the Program will use earnings from all four levels of support are indicated below. These gift levels can be achieved with one contribution or with a series of installments at the donor's convenience.

As mentioned above, earnings from the First Byte Program endowment will go a long way in most developing countries. In Guatemala for example, a three-month computer course for 25 students can be funded with only $650! A computer can be refurbished for $15 to $25! What seems like a small amount of money to us is a very important amount in these countries!

The Global Challenges Scholarship Program:
“Empowering People with Knowledge”

The NYEF needs your support for its Global Challenges Scholarship Program (GCSP). Invest in the education of tomorrow's socially conscious leaders and help us create hope and positive leadership in troubled countries. Any size gift to the Program’s endowment fund is welcome and will be recognized. Friends, whose gifts generate enough earnings to perpetually fund the education of one or more students at any scholastic stage, can honor the scholarships they endow with any names they choose.

Friends can endow an entire scholarship with a single donation, or gradually build up to the desired level of endowment at their convenience. As mentioned above, the purchasing power of U.S. dollars goes a long way in developing countries and you will be surprised at how much education your endowment earnings can purchase. For example, tuition for the high school students who must attend a private school in Guatemala costs only $40 to $70 per month! Room and board for a university student cost only $80 to $160 per month!

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